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 The Maverick Maven 

Michelle Berriman

In-demand speaker and connector.

Dynamic presenter/Emcee. Event facilitator. Thought leader.

Let Michelle energise your next corporate or team event.

Known as The Maverick Maven for her refreshing take on the world, Michelle is a dynamo with a passion for inspiring people to be their best, authentic selves.

A recognised thought leader, she has worked internationally for more than 25 years, evolving from a grass roots coal face youth worker through to CEO of a National Peak body. 

The Maverick Maven has established a unique identity as a doer, connector, and leader: the ideal speaker or facilitator for your next corporate event or team-planning day.


Impact takes more than actions, formulas, or textbook strategies.

It starts with Inspiration and ends in Trust. Real people create real change. Real people provide inspiration, motivation, and they are passionate. They are authentic, they care, and develop trust.

What does Michelle do?

Facilitator of team strategy days

Master of Ceremonies

Awards judge 

Event Management 


Manager and Producer of Sporting events

Inspiring Keynote Speaking for any event

- How to be your authentic self 

- Your reason WHY 

- Relationships are everything 

- How to Create REAL IMPACT 

What to expect
working with Michelle







As founder of Champions Luncheon NZ, a well-recognised sporting event that is now entering its 26th year with a “sell out” record crowd of 930 people I could not have wanted to work with a more inspiring individual such as Michelle.


Michelle is one of a kind, a true Maverick (the only name I know her as now!) Michelle became involved in Champions luncheon over 8 years ago and brought levels of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, planning, and imagination that had never been seen before, taking it to a whole new level, raising millions more dollars than it ever has done before.

Attending sporting greats always enjoy Michelle’s company and professional nature.


I miss her involvement, guidance, and ability to question when questions are required. If you are looking for someone that will make a lasting impact and leave behind a legacy that will never be forgotten, then you have found your Maverick.


Ian Klinac - founder of Champions Luncheon
and Regional Auctioneer and Sales Associate
for Sotheby’s International Realty

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