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Terms & Conditions:

1. Introduction


1.1 Application of Terms and Conditions: These Terms and Conditions apply to any quotation or contract between Precision Group and the client for the supply of goods and/or services by Precision Group to the client.


1.2 Interpretation: In these Terms and Conditions:


"Business Day" means a working day as defined in the Interpretation Act 1999.

"Client" refers to the person(s) receiving the Quote.

"Estimate" refers to the estimated cost as mentioned in clause 2.

"Goods" are the final products produced by Precision Group.

"Order" is the work required to fulfill the client’s instructions.

"Precision Group" refers to Precision Mail pty. Ltd trading as Precision Group.

2. Quotations


2.1 Quote Provision: Precision Group may provide the client with a quotation specifying the work needed to fulfill the client’s instructions and an estimated charge. The quotation is not an offer and may be amended or withdrawn by Precision Group before acceptance by the client.


2.2 Acceptance: Upon receiving the quotation, Precision Group may commence work upon acceptance by the client. Acceptance constitutes agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


2.3 Quote as Instruction Evidence: A written quote accepted by the client serves as conclusive proof of the client’s instructions and the Order.


2.4 Revision of Estimate: The Estimate in the quote may be adjusted by Precision Group to reflect any changes in the cost of performing the Order.


3. Charges


3.1 Invoices: Precision Group may issue an invoice upon completion of the Order, reflecting the Estimate or revised Estimate.


3.2 Additional Charges: Precision Group may charge the client for various additional fees and expenses beyond the initial estimate, as outlined in this clause.


3.3 Verbal Instructions: Precision Group is not liable for errors due to verbal instructions unless otherwise agreed.

3.4 A postal management fee of 10% is applied, which is a deductable surcharge if paid with 7 days.


4. Delivery


4.1 Notification: Precision Group must notify the client when the Goods are ready for collection.


4.2 Collection: Unless agreed otherwise, the client must collect the Goods from Precision Group’s premises upon notification.


4.3 Rejection: The client may reject the Goods if they don't comply with instructions within the specified timeframe.


4.4 Risk: Risk in the Goods passes to the client upon delivery or notification of readiness for collection.


4.5 Title: Title to the Goods passes to the client upon full payment to Precision Group.


4.6 Quantity Delivered: Every effort will be made to deliver the correct quantity, with a margin of five percent allowed for overs or shortages.


5. Payment


5.1 Time of Payment: Payment is due on or prior to delivery of the goods, unless otherwise agreed.


5.2 Interest: Precision Group may charge interest on overdue amounts.


5.3 Advance and Progress Payments: Precision Group may require advance, or progress payments as outlined in this clause.


5.4 Suspension of Work: Precision Group may issue invoices for work already done if the Order is suspended for over 30 days at the client's request.


5.5 Damages: The client is liable for costs incurred by Precision Group due to non-payment.


5.6 Payments made via credit card attacked a 2.5% processing fee to cover merchant costs.


6. Non-Payment


6.1 Retention of Ownership: Precision Group retains ownership of Goods until all outstanding charges are paid in full.


6.2 General Lien: Precision Group has a general lien over the client's property for sums owed.


6.3 PPSA: Provisions regarding the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 are outlined in this clause.


7. Liability


7.1 Digital Proofs and Hard Copy Samples: Precision Group is not liable for errors in Goods not corrected by the client in supplied proofs or hard copy samples


7.2 Non-Excludable Rights: Certain statutory rights cannot be excluded and are acknowledged by both parties.


7.3 Disclaimer of Liability: Precision Group disclaims certain conditions and warranties except for Non-excludable Rights.


7.4 Indirect Losses: Precision Group is not liable for certain indirect losses or damages.


7.5 Client’s Property: Precision Group is not liable for damage to the client's property unless due to negligence.


7.6 Force Majeure: Precision Group is not liable for failure to deliver due to events beyond its control.


8. General Matters


8.1 Periodicals: Specific terms for periodicals are outlined, including termination conditions.


8.2 Outside Work: Precision Group's liability is limited regarding goods and services obtained from third parties.


8.3 Material Supplied by Client: Provisions regarding materials supplied by the client are outlined.


8.4 Property Left with Precision: Precision Group may dispose of unclaimed property after 12 months.


8.5 Responsibility to Insure: Precision Group is not obligated to insure client property.


8.6 Ancillary Materials: Ownership of materials produced by Precision Group remains the property of Precision Group.


8.7 Copyright: Copyright provisions are outlined regarding artistic works.


8.8 Ideas: Client must not use ideas communicated by Precision Group without consent.


8.9 Notices: Procedures for giving notices are outlined.


8.10 No Waiver: Waiver of rights must be in writing.


8.11 Severability: Invalid provisions may be severed without affecting the validity of the Terms and Conditions.


8.12 Governing law and jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law in force where Precision Group's premises are located.


8.13 All goods and services purchased from Precision Group are sold strictly in accordance with Precision Group’s standard terms and conditions of sale. Precision Group reserves the right to deliver +/- 5% of the quantity ordered. In the event of a misunderstanding, conflict of opinion, or dispute, Precision Group will refer to the mediation facility offered by PVCA


9. Guarantee


9.1 In consideration for the covenants and warranties given by the client pursuant to these terms and conditions, any party named as a guarantor in respect of the client’s obligations pursuant to these terms and conditions either in these terms and conditions or any other document between the client and Precision Group, or, in the absence of such separate document, the director(s) and shareholder(s) of the client (the “guarantor”) hereby jointly and severally:


(i) Guarantee the due and punctual payment of all sums due and owing to Precision Group by the client pursuant to these terms and conditions.


(ii) Indemnify Precision Group against all and any losses, costs, claims, and expenses (including legal fees on a solicitor/client basis) incurred in any way arising from or relating to any default by the client in respect of its obligations to Precision Group and/or in respect of the enforcement or exercise or attempted enforcement or exercise of Precision Group’s rights and remedies in respect of any sums owing by the client to Precision Group pursuant to these terms and conditions.


(iii) Acknowledge that no release, delay, or other indulgence given by Precision Group to the client shall release, prejudice, or affect the guarantor’s liability.


(iv) Acknowledge that they may for all purposes be treated as the principal debtor and Precision Group shall be under no obligation to take proceedings against the client before taking proceedings against the guarantor.

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