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Secure access card rollout
Please follow the steps below.

All employees and permanent contractors will be provided with a swipe card to enter and exit various points throughout our premises. 

For staff who are currently using our clock card system for payroll purposes, this card will be replacing your clock card.

This also helps us have the ability to secure the building from unwanted guests.

We hope this change will make our workplace more secure whilst creating minimal disruption to our everyday operations.

If you are having difficulties or can not upload - please contact Loi Wai Kit at

Step 1:
Using your phone camera take a selfie head shot (preferably portrait in front of a plain background). 

TIP: Leave some space around you. We will crop your image accordingly.

Step 2:
Fill in your details on the form.

Step 2:
Upload your image via the 'Upload File' button
on the form. Then complete your form by clicking on the 'Submit' details' button.

Provide your details
and photo here:
Upload File

  Upload Successful  

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