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inkjet printing

Capacity to inkjet booklets up to 25mm thick and 1600mm long. Colour and black and white capacity. Addressing and barcode printing onto paper, cardboard and plastic. 


Ink jetting saves money, looks great and gets your job out so much faster. Providing clean and sharp text, we  can inkjet onto envelopes, postcards,  address sheets and magazines. We have 5 high speed inkjet machines, we can print anything of any quantity.

500,000 items ink jetted per day.

We are very unique in our ability to address such a wide range of addressing needs from paper, too cardboard and poly film to plastic cards.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our experience in providing a solution to all addressing needs.

Combined with our intelligent attaching or as a support to our plastic wrapping, our ink jetting capability is one of the Australian mailing industries’ most capable resources.

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